Lead Adviser: Filippo Dispenza

At John Dewey High School Fillipo Dispenza is our only robotics teacher, who teaches Intro to Robotics, Advanced Robotics, and Engineering.

Though once school ends his work does’t end.

Since 2008 he has been coaching our team and keeping it alive by ensuring that the students of John Dewey High School have access to the resources they need to get ahead during this technological age.


Lead Engineering Mentor: Michael Vilarelle

Mike graduated from Hofstra University and later became a Stationary Engineer for New York City though before this he was previously a supervisor at Columbia University, and an engineer for NYC District of Education.

Mike's started as a student in FIRST Robotics back in 2000 at George Westinghouse High School. He served as a mentor to his own team, 354, up until 2013. He transitioned to Team 333 in the same year and has become our lean Mentor ever since. 


Engineering & Design Mentor: Nelly Reyes

Nelly, previously a member/mentor of team 354, also migrated to team 333 in 2013. She has led us to work in a more organized fashion, teaching students to work properly without cutting corners. Nelly's favorite word to get across is "Fundamentals!" in order to make sure that we never forget the basic information needed in Robotics.

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Programming Mentor: Josh Greenman

Josh is a Team Leader at Bloomberg, where he manages a team of Software Engineers to develop and maintain Bloomberg's Fixed-Income Order Management & Execution platform. He holds a Master of Science and a Bachelor in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Josh joined us in the 2016 build season as a programming mentor as part of a sponsorship granted to us by Bloomberg.


Alumni Mentors

We are proud to have a number of alumni who regularly come back to John Dewey High School to help our team. 


Jonathon Calixto 

Like with so many others, FIRST robotics and this team has had had a huge impact on Jonathon’s life which has inspired him to stay with the team after graduating and continue to show his support by mentoring our current members.


Adel Awad

Like Jonathon, Adel has gone through the team as a student and despite graduating he has decided to continue participating with FIRST by mentoring our members and helping them grow.