Zachary Colimon

The team was great, I feel like it was a massive step towards for me being an engineer from being just a maker. It really sharpened all my hard engineering skills, but more than that it taught me how do do things in a team which I think is more valuable.

Graduation Year 2019  CAD/CAM Lead

Graduation Year 2019


Graduation Year: 2019  Fundraising Manager

Graduation Year: 2019

Fundraising Manager

Alex Charbonneau

Being on the team has been an incredible experience which has allowed me to discover and exercise my interests.

Bryce Garey

It was definitely an experience that leveraged my talents, showed me that teamwork can accomplish so much more, and gave me memories to last a lifetime.

Graduation year: 2019  CAD/3D Printing

Graduation year: 2019

CAD/3D Printing

Graduation Year: 2018  Team Captain / Safety Captain

Graduation Year: 2018

Team Captain / Safety Captain

Kevin Chen

Being on this team has been a truly incredible experience that will forever change my life.

Chyenne Tiller

Participating in FIRST Robotics has been a truly incredible experience which has changed my life. With the team I have been able to learn so much while also discovering my passions as an electrical engineer. A passion that I continue to pursue throughout college!

Graduation Year: 2018  Co-Captain

Graduation Year: 2018


Graduation Year: 2018  Lead Programmer

Graduation Year: 2018

Lead Programmer

Emmanuel Jeffers

This team and program has made significant changes in my life. Thanks to the amazing people in the FIRST community and on Team 333, I was able to find my passion for Computer Science! Everything that I have learned and experience has been helping me throughout all of my college endeavors.

Oishee Rahman

I was a member for FIRST team 333 from 2014-2018. Throughout the years, I have taken on various roles within the team, with my last role being a fundraiser. Aside from the technical skills required to build a robot, John Dewey’s robotics team has taught me to never be afraid to ask questions and keep learning.

I’m currently attending University of Rochester and studying biomedical engineering.

Graduation Year: 2018  Fundraising

Graduation Year: 2018


Graduation Year: 2018  Machinists

Graduation Year: 2018


Michelle Zheng

Like many students, John Dewey High School was not my top choice for high school. However I 👏 loved 👏 my 👏 first two years at Dewey because of robotics. They were my second family; I transferred out and transferred back because the team was a significant part of my life.

I learned a lot about machinery but most importantly Iearned what it was like to be apart of a team with amazing people. Mentors that has shaped my life that are now people I keep in touch years after robotics.

Currently I am pursing a degree in Interactive Arts, I finished my first year at Pratt Institute as of 2019.

Shout out to Mike, Nelly, Jonathan, Adel, and Lim. :^)

Mariah Sackey-Mensah

Having the opportunity to participate on this team as a student, captain, and now alumni has given me a strong insight on what it means to collaborate. These 3 perspectives has allowed me to take the skills I learned through working as a team and apply them in private group work, life settings, and various relations. The time I've spent in these roles has molded me as a person and has taught me patience, management, and skill distribution. It has helped me build confidence and most importantly to never second guess myself and follow through with any mission I decide to start. Utilizing these skills has shown me that knowing how to work with people can open up an infinite amount of doors and I am excited to see what type of things I can learn, experience, and ultimately bring back to my team. I hope to continue building and acquiring more knowledge in the Engineering field so I can come back and be a mentor and foundation for the next generation of students, captains, and alumni.

Graduation Year: 2017  Team Captain / Shop Foreman

Graduation Year: 2017

Team Captain / Shop Foreman

Graduation Year: 2017  Mechanical Engineer, Co-Captain

Graduation Year: 2017

Mechanical Engineer, Co-Captain

Jonnathan Lema

"DO OR DO NOT, THERE IS NO TRY", this quote from Star Wars, recited by my mentor, teacher, and role model Mr. Dispenza, has become engraved unto me for the rest of my life. Robotics was indeed also the hardest fun I have ever had.That is why after I graduated back in 2017, I continue to come back regularly to pass my knowledge to the next generation as an alumni mentor. My path in life was not always so clear to me, as when I entered high-school, all I really knew was that I loved building things. One day, as I was building an FTC robot for competition with my fellow team mates, a man named Mike approached me and he changed my life in high-school by convincing me to join the FRC team my sophomore year. From there I gained so much experience and I grew out of my shell. During my senior year I was given the position of Co-Captain, looking back at it makes me feel confident that I can become much more. Now As I continue to help out the team, I am studying Mechanical Engineering to one day change the world.

Jairo molina

Team 333 taught me important life skills and inspired me to believe that I can create my own future with the use of science and technology.

Graduation Year: 2017  Engineer

Graduation Year: 2017



Marc Ventolora

Graduation Year: 2017  Engineer

Graduation Year: 2017


My experience with the team was phenomenal, I learned so many things like how to use tools. Most importantly I discovered my passions while knowing that all our mentors would guide me through anything. Whether that being robotics or personal matters. To be part of the team was one of the best experiences in my life. Before joining the team I had no idea what future career I would want, but by my junior year of high school, after having two years of experience with robotics and mechanical engineering I had decided that this was the career I wanted to pursue.

Francesco Pira

Before joining team 333 I had no direction in life other than the fact that I like robots. This team and it’s mentors put me in the right direction and to find my passion for engineering. Not only has this team taught me how to use tools and power tools, but it has also taught me essential life skills like time management, money management, conversation skills, the meaning of hard work, etc. I am now Majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), but even as I attended college I continue to learn new things from my high school robotics team.

Graduation Year: 2017  Fundraising Manager / Robot Battery Manager

Graduation Year: 2017

Fundraising Manager / Robot Battery Manager

Graduation Year: 2016  Team Captain

Graduation Year: 2016

Team Captain

Marc Gonzalez

I was in FRC 333 from 2012-2016 I started off as a builder in 2013-2014 doing mechanical production of robots, electrical wiring and the imagery award as well. In 2015-2016 (recycle rush and stronghold) I became the team captain. Here I learned leadership skills to ensure our team was always on track and on time completing many awards and changing our normal routine of only building one robot per competition to what is now 2 robots (practice bot and competition bot). I change the whole structural outcome of the team in build season making sure we can do as much as possible, complete engineering workbooks to ensure we all logs of progress on and off season. All of this couldn’t be achieved without the help of the mentors Dispenza mike Nelly and my co captain at the time Samia

I’m currently attending Vaughn college of aeronautics studying mechanization engineering which is a combination of mechanical electrical and program engineering. Without the information I learned in cad software, electrical work, and machinery practice I wouldn’t have been able to do so well in my current field of study. I also work on the side for DJI (largest drone company in the world) managing a storefront; I also do repairs on drones and build my own as well so I’m still doing what I did with FRC just on a smaller scale level.

Raymond Zhang

Participating in FIRST robotics Team 333 has been a unique experience. I have met many new people that I am glad to call my teammates. Additionally, my mentors have taught me many valuable lessons including the sciences, engineering, and even life. I enjoyed my time on the team and am thankful for what the team has provided me.

Currently, I am a junior at Stony Brook University pursuing a bachelor's degree in health science. I plan to pursue a career in health informatics.

Graduation Year: 2016  Engineer

Graduation Year: 2016


Graduation Year: 2016  Aquatic focused engineer

Graduation Year: 2016

Aquatic focused engineer

Kevin Lopez

When I first came to John Dewey I was really excited to enter high school since I heard they had such an amazing club which had robotics so once I came to Dewey I got to meet Dispenza and the team at the time everyone was so down to earth and very friendly so once I started school I immediately joined team 333 and I got to learn first how to use all these new power tools and got to be a part of something bigger and it was amazing experience that taught me so much when I was there I started to focus on robotics in the water so I started to work on the side on making underwater robots so I got to learn so much from simple builds to complex builds and it was amazing and would never take it back

Diana Lee

During sophomore year of high school, I was put into a Robotics class where Mr. D asked me to join Team 333. It was something I was reluctant to try at first, but immediately felt welcomed as I stepped into the Robotics room. Being part of the team for three years provided me with an immense amount of growth, as a student and as an ambitious girl. Through the team, I was able to learn about materials, tools, building and creating structure. This knowledge was not only limited to creating robots but helped me think more analytically about the world in general. Being the captain my senior year opened up my eyes to possibilities and hardships of leadership. Managing a team of 40-50 students taught me how to delegate tasks, create equality and pay attention to multiple people's needs at the same time. Most importantly the Robotics team helped me gain confidence in my abilities as a girl despite the common misconceptions about women in STEM fields. Though I did not choose engineering or computer science as my career, I continue to use critical thinking learned in Robotics at my job as an Internal Audit analyst at Morgan Stanley.

Graduation Year: 2014  Team Captain

Graduation Year: 2014

Team Captain

Graduation Year: 2014  Co - Captain

Graduation Year: 2014

Co - Captain

Winnie Ngo

I Joined the Robotics Team during the 2013 season and loved the hands on experience of applying math and science to real life problems. In 2014 I became co-captain to support the team through the competition. Robotics really inspired me to make STEM part of my life as I like that I can use math and science to turn an idea into reality. This led me to choose mechanical engineering as my future career. Currently I am studying Mechanical Engineering at CCNY and I am expecting to graduate after Fall 2019.